7.3 Silver fizz

21 Jul

“Nothing but rough necks here nowadays,” explained Larry. “It’s got out of the theatrical beat, but it was a great ham headquarters in the old days. Old Man McCue served the bar himself then, and he was a Tartar with shamrock dressing. If you ordered a mixed drink he called you a dude and bounced you by a side door. Once we bribed a famous wrestler to come in here and order a silver fizz. ‘Ye dood ! git out av this!,’ yelled McCue, but before he could do any damage  the wrestler had lifted him over the bar and was sitting on his chest. ‘Mr. McCue, I ordered a silver fizz!’ said the strong man gently. ‘I heard yez, and I’ll mix yez wan,’ said Mac, ‘but may ye die drinkin’ it!’”

— Wallace Irwin, “Country Clubs of Broadway”, Collier’s, vol. 50:6 (26 October, 1912), pp. 10-12, 30 (p. 12).

To hear such words as cognition, attention, retention, entity, and identity, freely mingled with such other words  as silver-fizz and false hair, brought John, the egg-and-coffee man, as near surprise as his impregnable nature permitted.

— Owen Wister, Philosophy 4: A Story of Harvard University (London: Macmillan, 1903), p. 88.

The silver fizz is made just like a golden fizz, but with the egg white instead of the yolk. So, again following Jerry Thomas, we get:

Take 1 table-spoonful of pulverized white sugar. [1/2 oz.]

3 dashes of lemon or lime juice. [up this to half a lemon or 1/2 oz.]

The white of one egg.

1 wine-glass of Old Tom gin. [i.e. 2 oz.]


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