Club cocktails

22 Jul

The Major’s idea of the process of reasoning was that it began with a cocktail. That singularly fatuous habit was not an exclusive Philadelphia custom, by the way, and if he had known how common the practice was the Major might have abandoned it. They were not “Club Cocktails” either; no Manhattan, Martini, or other ready-made compound for him! The Major would as soon as have thrust his legs into a ready-made pair of trousers, or have eaten what he called a “bulk olive”, as to have poured a ready-made cocktail down his aristocratic throat. His at least were always made to order after a recipe time-honored in the club—furnished by one of his ancestors, by the way.

— Cyrus Townsend Brady, A Doctor of Philosophy (New York: Scribner’s, 1903), pp. 26-7.


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