Ten little cocktails

3 Aug

Ten Little Cocktails

One little cocktail between me and you—

You said: “Another one?” Then there were two.

Two little cocktails, jolly as could be:

Along came Freddy, and then there were three.

Three little cocktails—“I never take more.”

But Freddy insisted, and then there were four.

My head began to spin and buzz like a hive,

But no one would weaken, and so there were five.

Five little cocktails, guaranteed to mix—

“Let’s try a Clover Club”—and then there were six.

Six little cocktails feel just like heaven.

“One more to sober up”—and that made seven.

Seven little cocktails—it must be getting late.

“This one’s on me, Bill”—and then there were eight.

Eight little cocktails dancing down your spine  . . .

“Bad luck to quit now,” and so there were nine.

Nine little cocktails soon became ten—


Ring for the ambulance—Never again!

— Christopher Morley, The Rocking Horse (New York: Doran, 1919), p. 112.


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