5.2 Income tax cocktail

10 Aug

I want to appeal to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister and those who understand working-class life not to add these extra burdens to the bit of enjoyment that people are entitled to have, but to spread the burden where it can best be borne. Take your beer. Why not tax cocktails 2d. per cocktail? It would stop a very bad habit. [Interruption.] The cocktail habit is a very bad habit; it will be the ruin not alone of the digestion but of the morals of folk, and a tax there would be more prudent and proper than a tax on beer.

— Sir Ben Turner (Labour), speaking in the parliamentary debate of 17 September 1931 on the resolution: “That it is expedient to make provision as to the Income Tax payable in connection with the conversion of United Kingdom Government Securities owned by persons carrying on any trade which consists wholly or partly in dealing in securities” (Hansard, vol. 256, §1081).

This is a Bronx with bitters, which is why it’s not counting towards our total. I did, however, follow a strikingly different recipe than when making the Bronx, where I was guided by Dale De Groff’s recommendations. This time I went with the formula in the Savoy Cocktail Book, which calls for a lot less orange juice (both for the Bronx and the Income Tax) and is all the better for it. We end up with a less fruity drink. It’s a nice contrast to the Orange Bloom, too, fresher and not as sickly sweet.

1 Dash of Angostura Bitters

The juice of ¼ an orange

¼ French Vermouth

¼  Italian Vermouth

½ Dry Gin

Craddock makes no mention of a garnish; I chose an orange twist.


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