American bars in Europe (2)

22 Aug

“Oh, this won’t do a thing to these foreigners!” cried Shirley. “They, most of them, never tasted an American mixed drink before, and they don’t know its deadly destroying power. To-morrow they can’t get their heads in at the porte-cochère.”

“Why, from the number of ‘American bars’ one sees all over Europe, one would think nobody drank anything but American drinks!” said Lida.

“Oh no! Besides, these so-called ‘American bars’ couldn’t mix a drink that an American would recognize, and as to foreigners drinking them, you don’t see one Frenchman at Henry’s to fifty Americans. No, with but few exceptions, American bars in a foreign land are a delusion and a snare.”

— Lilian Bell, The Expatriates (New York: Harpers, 1900), p. 309.


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