22 Aug

"As Served at the Manufacturers' Club, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania". From: George R. Washburn and Stanley Cromer, Beverages de Luxe (Lexington, KY: Wine and Spirit Bulletin, 1914), no page numbers.

I can’t imagine ever studying a menu at some exclusive club—and the Manufacturers’ Club of Philadelphia, a society of prominent tycoons, was certainly exclusive—and thinking to myself, in connection with an imminent drinks order and not my digestive health: “Mmmm …. I’ll have a poop fizz!” There are thousands of recorded cocktails, most only differing by minute variations of the same ingredients. The name which the author bestows on his or her original concoction is all important: that’s what sets a cocktail apart and helps it to catch on. So what’s this particular soubriquet supposed to convey? Captains of industry commanding the poop deck of the global economy? Or, more likely, a tonic, containing a nourishing whole egg, to invigorate those who are all tuckered out after a hard day of monopolizing the means of production? Or both? (The above combination of ingredients is also known, more happily, as a “royal fizz”.)

But this elixir, I presume, really is just a constipant:

From: Tom Bullock, The Ideal Bartender (St. Louis: Buxton & Skinner, 1917), p. 33.


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  1. fiesta mariachi September 27, 2011 at 12:42 am #

    Some educative read

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