Cocktails in far-flung places

24 Aug

1. There is a large American colony now in Seoul. […] There is a reading room, which is kept by missionaries and other foreigners, within a stone’s throw of the legation, where American and English periodicals and newspapers come every month, and a little further up the same street there is a club house, where one can, if he will, get a Vermouth or a Manhattan cocktail, and can amuse himself with billiards in company with players from a dozen different parts of the world.

Frank G. Carpenter, “Asiatic Diplomats”, Deseret Weekly, vol. 50:16 (6 April, 1895), pp. 482-84 (pp. 482-3).

2. Puntas Arenas is the southernmost city of the world. […] It seems funny to think of a club down here on the Magellans, in the home of the guanaco, the seal, the whale and the naked aborigines! But Punta Arenas has its clubs, where the better classes of men meet for a social good time, a game of poker and a bit of liquid refreshment. […] At the German hotel where I am living in Puntas Arenas one can get anything from a bottle of champagne to a Manhattan cocktail, from a sherry and bitters to a glass of vermouth or a pousse café.

— Frank G. Carpenter, “Lowest City in the World”, Timely Topics, vol. 3:9 (4 November 1898), pp. 137-38 (p. 137).

3. More so than in Paris, even, has the great American cocktail established itself in the affections of the foreign populace of  Shanghai. It is violating no confidence here to supplement international drink statistics with the information that the Shanghai Club holds the world’s record for cocktails. The daily average per member is reputed to be seventeen.

— Robert H. Murray, Around the World with Taft (Detroit, MI: Dickerson, 1909), p. 125.


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