Hair of the frog

26 Aug

Josephine Clofullia (1827-1875)


Cigarets and Cocktails Blamed

PARIS, Aug. 21.—Beards and mustaches are increasing alarmingly among women annually, the doctors blaming cigaret smoking and alcohol drinking principally for this phenomenon.

Statistics at the hospitals show 11 per cent of the women inmates have an abnormal growth of hair on the upper lips and chins and 27 per cent of the women inmates in the insane asylums are bearded or have mustaches.

Paris society, which has taken up intensive cigaret smoking since the armistice, when Turkish scented tobacco became available once more, and has contracted the American cocktail habit from the A.E.F. [American Expeditionary Forces], is aghast at the statements of leading Paris savants that tobacco and alcohol are conducive to unsightly hair.

Leading doctors assert a big percentage of their clientele continually are under treatment, the hair roots being electrically burned out or otherwise eradicated.

Recently it was announced a new treatment, applying an ointment to the  skin which ate away the hair, had proven extremely dangerous to the skin, ruining the complexions of hundreds of women who used it a while. These now are having their outer epidermis removed, hoping to regain a fresh clear skin.

“One of the principal reasons why the new fad of yellow ocher face powder was adopted so quickly is because so many women are afflicted with little mustaches,” said Felix, leading Rue de la Paix beauty specialist.

— Henry Wales in the Chicago Tribune, 22 August, 1921, p. 1.


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