Counting cocktail calories

12 Nov

Those who are struggling with the effects of holding steadfastly to the Drinking Man’s Diet might be interested in the following remarks made by Prof. Edward Dodds (1899-1973):

It takes the average person a half hour on the squash court to work off the energy supplied by two dry martini cocktails, says Professor E.C. Dodd [sic], Courtland professor of bio-chemistry at the University of London.

“Perhaps squash racquets is one of the most exhausting of ordinary games and requires the greatest output of energy,” he said. “At the end of half an hour the average person will have utilized some 300 calories—equivalent in terms of food to, say, two slices of bread and butter, or, alternatively, to two dry martini cocktails.

“For every pint of beer a person drinks he will have to play squash racquets for half an hour. A glass of champagne is equivalent to about 10 minutes of squash, and a double whiskey and soda would require the full half hour to allow for the expenditure of the necessary amount of energy.

“Remember,” the professor continued, “that a large whiskey corresponds in food value to three boiled eggs, yet very few who had dined out would take six boiled eggs for a night cap.”

— “London Professor Discusses Squash, Beer, Cocktail and Whisky Equations”, Hartford Courant, 15 October 1933, p. A3.

Hmmm. Dodds’ figures don’t tally with these later values, but I guess it’s all down to the size of your martini!

From: Alice V. Bradley, Tables of Food Values (Peoria, CA: Bennett, 1956), p. 221.


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