Cocktail dresses

12 Jan

You know, this idea might just catch on:

A fully equipped American bar has just been installed in one of the largest dressmaking establishments in Paris. Its purpose, as frankly explained by the management, is to keep the men who “are dragged there by their wives from getting impatient and pulling them out” before the all-important matter of selecting gowns has been completed.

Women are also expected to patronize the bar, for, in the words of the dressmaker in question, there comes a time in the shopping hours of all women when a cleverly shaken cocktail will put them in the right mood to continue their search for a becoming gown.

Other dressmakers, naturally, are awaiting the result of the experiment with great interest.

—“Paris Dressmaker Installs Bar to Soothe Waiting Males”, New York Times, 16 September, 1928, p. 22.


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