For Valentine’s Day: the bracelet cocktail

14 Feb

Clearly a hoax, but someone ought to make these for real. The perfect Valentine’s gift!

The cocktail bracelet is the latest for women. There are fashionable women of this city who wear circlets on their wrists which sometimes contain a Martini dry or a Manhattan. The bracelets have one drawback, it is said, and that is they will not accommodate the cherry that goes with the fairy cocktail. The other night a Pittsburg [sic] attorney observed a woman of fashion place her lips to her bracelet. He thought that she was paying tribute to her own loveliness, but learned later she was merely refreshing her inner self with a mixture of cordials. The nip contained in a bracelet cocktail is so small that it cannot be called a drink, but a cocktail it is, nevertheless. Of course the bracelet is hollow. If large enough it holds three thimblefuls of ready-made cocktail, and pressure on an almost invisible spring permits the fluid to trickle through a tiny hole in the gold shell, which is almost too small to be seen. With one of those graceful movements which appear to be natural with a woman the drink may be imbibed without fear of detection. A Broadway goldsmith sells numbers of the bracelets every week, and as most of the purchasers prefer secrecy in connection with the transaction they pay a pretty penny for the dubiously useful trinkets.

— “The Bracelet Cocktail”, New York Times, 22 January 1907.


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